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• In-House Custom Fabrication
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Performance Innovators:
Rudder Angle Indicator

Designed and developed by Hydra Force LLC The Rudder Angle Indicator is the push boat industry’s exact rudder control indicator.

Captains and Engineers can easily see the true indicator readings to calculate the degree of turn needed to safely maneuver their vessel. 

As the Captain, I can't afford to guess when turning.
When can we get the True Rudder Indicator installed?

Electric Over hydraulics Steering System

You need to upgrade your electric over hydraulic steering system because it’s original performance is slipping.  

Hydra Force LLC can submit a proposal, schedule an installation date, then test under normal conditions for the exact performance you expect.

Hydra Force LLC completes the job, from steering to thorough testing, which reduces your liability and keeps your workers safe

steering system maintenance Training

You can’t afford a few days in dock getting steering system repairs when our complete training class, taught by Mike or an engineer, will keep your pushboat working.

We train customers and Port Engineers at our facility in Belle Chasse, Louisiana for a one-day event to troubleshoot the steering system when they are on the water.

Call Cristina to add you to our next scheduled class date.

How our team can start working for you

send us your Specifications

The more we know about your project and specs the better results for your project. 

Contact us if you need assistance writing your project specs.

We Review specs

With more than 20 years of experience, we will contact you if we have any questions to make our proposal complete.

WE submit a proposal

Our proposals include everything needed to complete your project.

We would like to send our specs to get a proposal

Professional Hydraulic SERVICE


Your new electric over hydraulic steering system proposal for your pushboat is one phone call away.

Nationwide SERVICE

We service any steering system, land or marine hydraulics equipment, and certify cranes on barges,


When new steering systems call for a custom fabrication to make your system work, our famous machinists get it done.

Speak with the hands on American company that knows what they are doing and what they can accomplish for you

About Hydra Force, LLC

Hydra Force LLC grew from servicing land and marine hydraulics to pushboat steering systems. 

When a new client evaluates the level of service and quality the team at Hydra Force LLC provides, Hydra Force LLC is asked to service more of their land and marine equipment.

Clients also appreciate the level of completing an entire project, from dismantling to installation to testing.  Add our servicing nationwide and you found your new land and marine vendor.

About Us

Installing, building and servicing pushboats steering and hydraulic systems since 1987.


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