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Electric Over Hydraulic Steering system

Building, Installing, Testing and Servicing Electric or Hydraulic
Pushboat Steering Systems

Custom Designed and installed by Hydra Force LLC

New Rudder Angle Indicator

Digital & Analog will read your follow up tiller and rudder movement. When the two are not in sync, an alarm will sound.

Switch Deck for rudder controls

Steering and Flanking Rudder switches for greater maneuvering when pushing barge flotilla.

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Need some guidance

We love and live electric over hydraulic steering systems every day.

There are times when you need fast input when designing your specific needs, but aren’t sure what components will get you the best results.

Mike or Cristina would be happy to offer input.

After Install Dependability

We put our steering systems to the test immediately after installation.  We want you to be reassured that you can count on the results you expected.

steering systems

Custom made steering systems to fit your application.

3 Pump Setup

This system is designed to have fully independent Main and Flanking Rudders while also having the option to fully sync Main and Flanking Rudders.

It also has a 3 pump setup to have a Main Pump, Flanking Pump and an Auxiliary Pump that will allow both the Main and Flanking to run on an Auxiliary at the flip of a switch from the Wheelhouse.

Valving System

Valving system with a Main, Flanking, and a Main and Auxiliary Flanking with electronic controls brings this vessel up to current Sub-Chapter M Regulations. This was done by reusing the existing power units which use separate tanks and updating the valving & electronic controls. This will save the customer from having to replace the complete hydraulic system.

Read more about Sub-Chapter M Regulations

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